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Music is an essential part of human existence. Different kinds of birds have different cries, songs and melodies to communicate about their world. Similarly music is used by human beings to express their thoughts and feelings about their inner world as well as their social world. It is hard to imagine a culture without music. Thus, music can be seen as the soul of human culture. In the context of education, music has become a popular subject in primary and secondary education and it is an established academic subject in tertiary education. However, research on the role of music in second language learning is surprisingly still in its embryonic stage while its popularity is strong and its impact on society is readily recognised. It would be interesting to examine the importance of music in education, particularly in relation to second language learning. 

Though music has been an important aspect of school culture, its role in language learning has not received great attention in educational research. The research on the role of music in second language learning is still at an embryonic stage, as I've just said. The general assumption is that music enhances a learning environment due to its affective power. A qualitative study has been conducted to examine how music is perceived by second language educators and students. The focus was on its role in second language learning. The study reveals interesting insights about the permeation of music in various extracurriculum activities and learning experiences of tertiary students of English. Pedagogically, English music has been highly valued by teachers and students of English in teaching speaking, listening, reading and writing. It is argued that music, particularly songs, is an encoding of cultural values and ideology which need to be viewed critically if foreign music is used in teaching a second language in our schools.

In life
Things may not always go right for you
In those times - Just leave it behind
’Cause sometimes you gotta play the game
Just to survive

Without losing yourself
It’s a fight, it’s true - It takes time
Don’t have all the answers
No matter how hard it gets
Hold on to what’s inside

Don’t ever let nobody bring you down girl
Don’t ever let nobody tear your world apart
Look in the mirror and say who you are
Beautiful U R

In the dark
The paint chips have waited your heart
So deep - Can’t you see
See the light in the distance
Open up your eyes and look, look to the sky
And believe

There’s much more to life when you're free
That’s the key - And in time
You will find all the answers
Don’t have to lose your pride
Hold on to what’s inside

(CHORUS x 2)

Beautiful U  R (x 4)
Don’t care what they say anymore
There’s no time to be insecure
I leave it all at the door

She’s staring at him in the face
She’s taking it day by day
I’m finally on my way

(CHORUS x 3)


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