lunes, 6 de diciembre de 2010


In recent times, English has become the most commonly spoken language throughout the world, thus it has become necessary for us to teach this language to our childen right from their early age so that it would be convenient for them to adjust themselves globally later on in their lives. The best possible way to make your kids learn English is to have them listen to a very short, interesting  story that has a rhythm of its own.
It is a known fact that children gradually learn the story as they are told.  Soon they start repeating the story by themselves ,this unknowingly builds a confidence in them and make them happy that they too can say the story. In this way the child starts speaking small sentences in English.  We should get a picture book and start naming the pictures, and also give them a picture talk. Next, we must try and do actions for  words such like eating, clapping, jumping, laughing, etc. In order for us to teach them gradually complex sentences, story time or picture reading in simple sentences are the best way.  Here's a good example of what I mean to say:


Once upon a time there lived two friends in a jungle, a tortoise and a rabbit. One day they wanted to take part in a race. They both started running together, but after a while the rabbit sat down to rest and fell asleep under a tree on the half way thinking that he was a fast runner so he could make up with the tortoise the moment he wakes up.

As the tortoise reached the midway he saw the rabbit sleeping under the tree, he halted for few seconds and then kept on going thinking that if he sat down to rest he might loose the race.  After some time the rabbit woke up and started running but when he reached the winning point he saw the tortoise had already won the race.

Show the pictures if possible so that you can draw the child's attention towards the story. If this is done regularly the results will be seen in no time, and we will notice the child may be trying to say the story along with us The next step will be to start a sentance and prompt the child to complete it. We will see the child gradually enjoying when he tries to tell you the story by themselves and thus learning the language without really noticing he is learning.  Have a try, and tell me your experience.

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